We have found that a great number of our clients have suffered poor credit at some point in their lives and we believe this statistic is likely to get worse before it gets better. Despite mortgage rates going down Interest rates on cards and loans have been steadily rising and more and more people are missing or making late payments. If this happens to you unfortunately your credit rating will drop as a consequence however please do not be embarrassed or ashamed, you have taken the right first step by reading this which means you are taking action.

At Rest Assured we have advisors that have actually worked for some of the largest adverse credit lenders and brokers in the UK. The main Mortgage adviser Rob Ashley-Roche has worked for Both GMAC and Kensington and has heard the comment “my credit rating is too bad for you to help” so many times, yet he still finds a way of assisting most of these clients, and some are still clients of Rob’s today and the past worries are long forgotten.

We cannot Guarantee a “happily ever after” story every time, however what we do guarantee is that whether you just have a small CCJ that has meant your own Bank has said no or you are someone that has 10 CCJ’s and a repo order has been issued on your home we will listen to your problems and come up with solutions to those problems quickly and confidentially.

Call 01202 5777182 or complete the online Enquiry form for a confidential chat to see how we can help you sleep easy at night!

The overall cost for comparisons is 9% APRC. The actual rate will depend upon your circumstances. Please ask for a personalized illustration, Rate correct at 01/10/2023.